Why Buy Used?

Everyone wants high quality for a lesser price. If you want to achieve this, buy pre-owned office furniture.
You’ll have a great product and peace of mind knowing that you received more for the value of your money.
Just like buying a new vehicle, new furniture loses its value quickly.

New furniture is worth less than half its value after just one day of use. If you choose to buy pre-owned, you
choose to not pay the extra costs new furniture manufacturers and dealers pass on to customer to cover
high overhead and operating costs.

If it’s furniture you want and not the manufacturer’s and dealer’s expenses, buy pre-owned furniture from
Office Furniture NYC.

Out of the thousands of offices Office Furniture NYC liquidates monthly, only a fraction of furniture items
become products we sell. Quality products are sometimes difficult to identify in a new furniture show room.  
In the pristine environment of a showroom, less quality items can appear more appealing than they actually
Pre-owned items are purchased purely for quality, not the bells and whistles they may be surrounded by.

The big box retail stores that sell new office furniture are able to charge very low prices because they are
selling cheaper goods.  We do not touch this segment of the market.  Our clients come to us for

If you are not able to wait up to ten weeks for your furniture, perhaps pre-owned is a better option. If time is
a factor, pre-owned office furniture offers some of the best lead times possible. “As is” products can be
available in a few days. Re-manufactured or refinished products can take only a few short weeks. Use the
time you would have spent waiting for your new furniture to arrive to focus on business. Get what you need
sooner and get to work faster.

New office furniture production is intensive in its use of fossil fuels, raw materials and waste.  All businesses
today face challenges in relation to supporting the planet we live on.  Most individuals will make the best
environmental option when given the opportunity. Buying pre-owned furniture is the right option for the

Buying and installing pre-owned furniture eliminates an estimated 80% of the environmental impact
associated with the production of office equipment.

Office Furniture NYC also works locally, further reducing the carbon footprint. For example, less diesel fuel
consumption is required by transporting furniture from Lower Manhattan to mid-town than new furniture
driven from Mid-West or China.

Choosing to buy pre-owned office furniture will be one of the most important environmental decisions you
will make for your business, clients, community and family. Buying pre-owned furniture is a great way to
contribute to your company’s environmental impact planning and marketing.

Since June 2010, In recognition of our furniture recycling operations, Office Furniture NYC has been
honored with a membership in the Green America [formerly "Co-op America] Green Business Network
having passed a lengthy screening & application process.

We are proud to do our part!
We look forward to serving you.  Please
contact us today.

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