Primary Brands we stock:
Herman Miller- EthoSpace,
Knoll - Morrison

We also work with:
Steelcase - Avenir
Steelcase - 9000
Knoll Reff
Kimball & many more.

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General information and opinions on office furniture brands:

The following list is a work in progress.  In the last few years, the lines have become blurrier between A &
B and B & C as top tier manufacturers have started making cheaper products and companies and mid-
range manufacturers started adding more quality product.  

Steelcase used to have only professional quality furniture, then started making some cheap products to
compete on price with some of the cheap Chinese imports and the middle market brands such as AIS.  
Thus Steelcase Kick, a Steelcase brand is more in line with cheap imports than with Steelcase’s high
end Wood furniture or Cubicles like Montage and 9000.

A Brands
Herman Miller - Most everything
Knoll - Most Everything
Haworth - Seating brands only
Kimball - Wood furniture

B Brands
AIS - most everything
Sit On It - Seating
Steelcase - Kick
Steelcase - 9000 (was more desirable 10 years ago)
Haworth workstations
Herman Miller - A/O - Action Offices
JSI - Jasper Group
Kimball - Workstations

C Brands & B2C oriented Furniture
Hon - most brands (some may fall in “B”)
Anything shown in staples, home depot, ikea and the like.

Please note:
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This page is only an opinion offered by OFFICE FURNITURE NYC.  We are furniture dealers and re-
manufacturers of office furniture.  This list is in no way exhaustive.  If you represent one of the
manufacturers listed here and feel you have been inappropriately ratted please contact us via email
using the domain name most commonly associated with your company or furniture brand.