Office Furniture Donation

The partners of the Furniture Donation Project are honored to work with the NGOs and Private charities that do
good works in our region and around the world.

Our main project is a furniture match service.  Each year, we hear from hundreds of companies who are liquidating
offices and have office furniture to donate.  Whenever possible, we would love to match those clients and their
gently used office furniture with the organizations who are making a difference and repairing the world.

With a furniture donation, there are still costs involved.  You will need to separately coordinate a mover to pickup
the office furniture from the liquidating party and install it at your facility.  Our experience has been that it is also
have a project manager or architect to coordinate the project and make sure everything fits where you would like it

If you do not have companies you work with who can do this work, we can recommend companies who have agreed
to help our NGO clients at reduced rates.

The more time you have, the better.  We typically see the best results with those who have at least a month before
a project needs to be done.

To get started, please contact us with your requirements



I have furniture to donate? How can I get started?
Please send photos and approximate quantities of the product you have for donation to:

Please let us know the first and last date the furniture will be available.

We will forward your photos and contact information on to non-profit organizations looking for the furniture you
have to donate.  You will be contacted directly by those interested non-profits.

If you are already working with a mover, please include their contact information as well.

Non-profit groups

So this a free service? Will it cost us anything?
We do not charge you anything, but there is usually some cost associated with getting the donation to you.

We can almost always find someone to donate the furniture, but we are not able to provide the labor or equipment
to move that furniture.  We recommend you work with a professional to layout the furniture for your new space and
especially in NYC, you will need to hire a licensed mover to move it from the move-out to your office.

Can you recommend a mover or architect who likes to do pro-bono / free work for non-profits?
Not really*.  The moving companies and move Consultants we know who sometimes donate their services do not
want us to advertise that fact.  If your organization has access to these service providers, please contact them
directly.  A good place to start is your own supporters list.  It is possible that some one who donates to you is an
architect, space planner or a mover?

What should I budget for this project?
To move a truck full of furniture from one Manhattan building to another can cost around $2000o $5,000
depending on the quantity of product and the type of building you are moving to/from.  We can help with a budget
number, but you will need to research this a bit also.  If you need 4-5 desks and a conference table and some files
and chairs, you will likely spend about $2,000 moving all that to your new space.

I just need one Steelcase Criterion task chair in fabric 54321 purple with light orange stripes to match the
rest of my chairs.  Can you help me find that?

Yikes! No! If you are looking for something very specific, like a custom traditional maple 2dr lateral file or a specific
model of chair, this is not going to work out.  If you need something standard like say file cabinets or task chair, this
could be a great fit.

Who has benefited from these donations in the past?
Starting in May 2010 we are keeping a partial list of those organizations we have helped with furniture donation.  
Here are a few.

Do donating firms require anything of us?
Often they ask you to cover any elevator charges that you incur while moving their furniture.  Most commercial
buildings in Manhattan require a COI (Certificate of Insurance) from a licensed moving company to move materials
through their freight elevators going into or out of their buildings.

Hi Furniture Donation Project, where is your phone number?  I need to speak with someone

Whoa there cowboy.  We run the Furniture Donation Project as an eleemosynary hobby.  No one is staffing the
phones here, we do not have a phone line.

But I really need to talk to someone, email just isn't doing it for me.
OK OK, for a fee of $25 we can have a phone consultation if needed.  Please email us and we will set up the call
within one working day.

Business, individuals and government

Hi, I am a Business, an individuals or a government agency.  Can I get a donation too?
This service is only available to not for profit organizations.  Business, individuals and governments this is not for
you.  You can check out
Office Furniture NYC, which sells gently used office furniture to organizations like you.

*Attn - Architects, space planners, move consultants, commercial movers: If you would like to be listed as a
reference please contact us about your services.  We love working with companies who can help our NGO clients
especially when you can offer special rates for this work.


Contact us here to get started

The Furniture Donation Project at is run as a free service by Office Furniture NYC  
FDP works with non-profits, but is
not itself a non-profit organization.